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Dear Children,

I'm sure you're having fun visiting different websites to learn, play games and even chat with your friends, but, did you know some of the images and text you see can make you feel uncomfortable? Have you had this experience before? Do you know you can do something about things you see online that makes you feel uncomfortable?


Today, you're going to find out about how to keep yourself safe online.


Task 1

Click on the link below to watch a video. Your task is to discuss with your family what the problems are and what the child did. Did the child do the right thing?   




Remember that whenever you come across things you're uncomfortable with; that is something you don't like or know online, for example images or text, you should tell an adult and get help. 


Task 2

Now that you have watched the video and discussed the contents, you're going to create a poster or a set of rules about how to keep safe online. This is called e-safety rules.


Your poster should include the key message about e-safety. This can be in the form of pictures to illustrate the key message or a list of e-safety rules. You can look at the power point below to help you think about what to add to your poster or set of rules.


Also, see examples of posters created by other children. You can take ideas from here. Have fun!