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Hello year 2,


For your ICT lesson today, you will need to logon to Purple Mash! If you can't remember your details, don't panic just send miss Shermin a message and we will send them to you. When you log in you will need to go to your '2Dos' and you will find an activity called 'Little Red Helps Grandma'. 


This is a really lovely ICT lesson, because it links in with what we are doing in our writing and reading lessons. In this activity, little Red's grandma is unwell and feels lonely, so Red is going to visit her grandma. She would like you to respond to her email, with a picture of someone who is very kind, tell her about this person and what kind things they do, because grandma would love to hear about these things, it will help her to get better.


For example, I might draw a picture of Miss Boyce, because she is always very kind to me and when I don't understand something she always helps me fix the problem! Miss Boyce is very cheerful, has a joyful voice, she is also very ambitious, hardworking and has a beautiful smile. She has long brown hair, has a great pair of glasses and reads lovely books to her class!


Have a go its great! It will help improve your typing skills!