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Horizon 360 FAQs

'Engaging hearts, heads and hands.'

Our Horizon 360 staff are committed to providing the very best experiences to all children our provision. Please see some of our FAQs below and don’t hesitate to ask any more questions by emailing: or


What do I wear to Horizon 360?

Children wear Gascoigne uniform. This consists of grey trousers/skirts, white polo top/t-shirt and a blue jumper which can be purchased at Premier School Wear. 


What time do I start/finish school?

We start at 8:50 every day and finish at 2.45.


What do I eat?

We will have some breakfast together in the morning, provided by Horizon 360. At lunch time, you can bring a packed lunch or have a school meal. If you have Free School Meals then you can still have this in Horizon 360.


Will I fall behind with my learning?

No! We will be learning all the time and working at the individual levels for all pupils. We will be working in smaller groups so you can have targeted support.


Is Horizon 360 a punishment or for pupils who don’t behave?

Not at all! Horizon 360 has been created to offer additional support to pupils with the social, emotional and mental health aspects of their learning and development. It is not a punishment, an exclusion or a behaviour unit. It is an extended nurture provision.


Will I still be part of my school?

Children will be on roll at Gascoigne Primary and our large extended staff will make you feel very welcome.


What if I don’t like it?

Change can be challenging and there may be days when you miss your own school. We are here to support you and help you with any difficult feelings and work through them with you.