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Horizon 360 Curriculum

H360 Curriculum Map 2021-22

In Horizon 360 we offer a full and rich curriculum encompassing all subjects of the National Curriculum. The curriculum is designed to give all the pupils the knowledge, skills, attitude and resilience to succeed in life and be life-long learners.

The curriculum is cross-curricular where possible so that there are maximum opportunities for pupils to make links and consolidate their learning.  There will be an over-arching topic per half-term which will provide the vehicle for learning within a number of subjects. This topic will take into account the interests of our pupils in order to engage them in their learning. Learning will often be done through creative and practical activities, including cooking, art, design and educational visits. There will be a focus on speaking and listening skills throughout the learning in Horizon 360. In addition to achieving ambitious curriculum outcomes we will focus on areas of personal development such as:

  • Managing emotions.
  • Developing resilience to meet and overcome challenges.
  • Coping with change and transition.
  • Social skills
  • Life skills, including personal hygiene and diet.