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Welcome back Year 1!     

We hope you had a great break and have maintained a healthy lifestyle whilst enjoying the sunshine! We're very excited about this term as it's packed with fun learning.


Our imaginative topic for the term is called Rio de Vida.

Topic Rationale:  “Developing International Awareness” 

Principle: Our World 

UNCRC Right: Article 22: The Rights of Refugee Children 


Come on... Get your dancing feet, step to the samba beat. Shake it, shimmy, hands in the air, wave your flags in the cool night air. Come join the party down in Rio.


Let's go down to ‘Rio’ where football is king and meet magical creatures from Brazil’s myths and legends. Would you like to live in Brazil? How might it be like to live there? Can you locate Brazil and its capital city Brasilia on a world map? This term, you'll learn about this beautiful country and talk about its human features. You'll even go further to compare Rio and the UK where you'll discuss the similarities and differences. 


You'll also read lots of books based on cultures around the world which will open your mind about different cultures and give you a better understanding of the world around you.


Bem-vindo ao Brasil crianças!.......Welcome to Brazil children!









Celebrating our Fantastic Learning






A message from your Teachers


Dear Children,laugh


Well done for your incredible effort towards your learning this term. We're very impressed with how you've maintained a routine and attempted all daily tasks set by your teachers.


We'll also like you to say a BIG THANK you to your family for the great support they've given you throughout your learning. 

They are AMAZING!


To keep you prepared for the new term, we've prepared fun activities (see below) for you to complete during the half-term and we'll encourage you to try your best with all activities.


Remember the saying, 'all work and no play makes you a dull child!' So, as you strive hard to complete your learning, try  to get some rest and recharge your batteries for your final term in Year 1. 

Also, eat healthy foods, exercise, drink lots of water and most of all step outside and enjoy the sunshine with your family. 


Lots of love,

Year 1 Teamheart

Celebrating our Fantastic Learning!

Friendship Soup

Still image for this video
Larisa in Bulu class has made her perfect friendship soup. In PSHE we have been learning about what makes a good friend.

Think about your good friends, what makes them special?

Halving shapes

Still image for this video
Eshaal from Bulu class is halving shapes on her computer. Like Eshaal if you want to try completing your learning in different ways; sometimes on paper sometimes on a computer, then go ahead!

The Human Body

Still image for this video
Nusaibah from Bulu class is here to tell us what our body parts and called and has even labelled them for us to see. How many of these parts do you know? Watch and check!


Still image for this video
Ezzah in Azul class is showing us all how she can halve the paper in different ways. Amazing learning and well demonstrated.

PE- Keeping fit at home!

Still image for this video
Anaya from Blue class shows us how we should be keeping fit at home. She knows how to keep herself active and has found a safe area in her room where she can move around easily. Fantastic movement Anaya!

Maths- Hands on division

Still image for this video
Eshaal from Bulu class is showing her incredible quick mental maths skills to share amounts. She even has some lego blocks to help her if she needs to check her calculation. Well done Eshaal!

Keeping Fit at Home

Still image for this video
Do we have to go outside to stay fit? Not at all! You can like Ilyas from E Kalter class just find a video that you want to exercise along to raise your heart rate and break a sweat! Well done for Keeping fit and trying to stay healthy!

Keeping fit with Joe Wicks

Still image for this video
Children around the country are staying fit with these amazing videos. Just like Nusaibah from Bulu class, she tries her best to work out to maintain a healthy life style too. This is amazing!

Maths Problem Solving

Still image for this video
Larisa from Bulu class shared how she solved her maths problem using pasta! Yes! You can use many things at home to support you with your learning like Larisa has, well done!

Keeping Fit at Home

Still image for this video
Prisha from Bulu class has taken up a challenge here, she knows that not every exercise is easy, but practice makes you perfect! So keep going Year 1!

Keeping Fit at Home

Still image for this video
Mukhil from Blue class might just be the next Usain Bolt! Look at him running at different pace! Amazing! You don’t have to be an expert to do this, all you need is a good exercise video, running shoes and comfortable clothing and off you go!

Keeping Fit at Home

Still image for this video
Prisha in Bulu class has been keeping fit by doing short bursts of exercises whenever she has some time during the day. Look at her do star jumps! Well done Prisha.

Science investigation on materials- which material is best suited to make a superhero cape?

Still image for this video
Eshaal used different materials such as plastic, paper and fabric to make superhero capes. To find out which material is suitable for the best cape, she tested her capes by flying them.
Eshaal said 'I found out that plastic material is best suited to make a superhero cape because it flows when I run and it's light.'
Well done Eshaal for your awesome investigation!

Science investigation on materials- Which material is best suited to make a superhero cape?

Still image for this video
Here is Eshaal flying her fabric superhero cape.

Science investigation on materials-which material is best suited to make a superhero cape?

Still image for this video
Look at Eshaal flying her paper superhero cape!

Eshaal's PE session with Joe Wicks

Still image for this video
Eshaal in Bulu class enjoys working out with Joe Wicks. Look at her amazing body movements. Well done Eshaal!

Summer 1


Dear Parents and Children,


A very warm welcome to the new term. We hope you had a great Easter break and enjoyed all the home learning activities set for you to complete.


Our topic for this term is 'SUPERHEROES.'

The topic rationale is: Learning about morality and safety from positive role models.

UNCRC Right : Article 5 :The right to a family / guardianship .


We will encourage you to complete your daily tasks by visiting this page, and then, email your best learning to Mrs Coffie ( to be shared on the celebration page. If there are any challenges with the learning, please email us for support.


Remember to wash your hands (20 seconds) regularly and stay safe and healthy. Also, ensure you go to bed early each day, so you would feel refreshed to go through the daily activities.


Year 1 Team







Bug Club Parent Slides

For parents: What is Bug Club and what are the benefits?

Short guide to Bug Club for parents.

Spring 2