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Hello Alvin, Matthias, Nathan, Nathaniel, Owen, Kelsey and Yasmin,


Welcome back!


We will still be learning via Teams for our remote learning over the next two weeks until we know more about returning back to school.


You are always welcome to contact us to tell us about your day, how you're feeling or just for a chat by email at or


We will always be available for each and every one of you.


When we do return, let's make it count because before we know it the year will be over. Let's support and help each other, learn, laugh and make some ever lasting memories together.


You will find daily work here and some may be available on Teams, so keep your eyes peeled.


Take care and stay safe!


Good Morning!

Today's home learning is

Writing - Character description of the Giant ONLY!

Grammar - Identifying nouns, remembering nouns are Places, People, Objects.

Maths - Alvin & Nathaniel follow worksheet 11, everyone else worksheet4.

History/ICT - Looking at Anglo-Saxon jobs, research what other jobs Anglo-Saxons did, choose which job you find most interesting, draw a picture, label it and write some sentences about the job role you have chosen along with why you chose that job.

Don't forget to complete your spellings for this week as well as bugclub.

Any questions, send me an email or seesaw message.

Have a great day!

Miss Watson

Good morning everyone,

Here you will find today's home learning (Monday 7th December).

You have PSHE - Writing down things that make you happy!

Maths - Alvin & Nathaniel you have worksheet 10 part 1 & 2. The rest of the class have Worksheet 3 part 1 & 2.



Your weekly spellings.

And Writing - In writing you will be describing JACK from Jack and the beanstalk ONLY!

Please forward any questions or work on to the seesaw app or via my email

Look forward to hearing from you all.

Miss Watson.

Welcome to our Home Learning Zone. 


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