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Home Learning Task

Dear Students

We are currently involved in a global pandemic.  Schools are closed, sporting events are cancelled, people are quarantined, countries of the world are on lock-down.

Children you are currently living in history!  You are all a part of something that will be talked about for generations to come.  I want you all to create a tangible primary source of history which can be shared with your children/ grand, great grandchildren and generations to come.


Please keep a journal/diary during the time of school closure.  It can be written or videoed.

In it I want you to:


  1. Record events of your day to day activities
  2. Your thoughts, feelings and fears
  3. Interview your family members
  4. Look out your window and record what’s going on outside
  5. What is reported on the television/internet?


Don’t forget to write the date of your journal/diary entries.


  • Looking forwards to reading some of your entries when school resumes.


Ms  J. Cole-Davis

History and Geography Lead