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Historical heroes-Florence Nightingale


Dear Year 1,

This term  we'll be learning about the lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements.


Have you heard the name Florence Nightingale before?

We are going to find out about Florence Nightingale who was a real-life historical super hero.


She was a person who is historically significant, who made big changes in her lifetime, she has been a good role model and made impact on people’s lives.


Task 1

First watch this clip to find out what she did to make things better for others and why she is a real-life superhero.


Task 2

Discuss and answer the questions below with your parents


Why is Florence Nightingale a significant person in history?

What did she do?

How did she improve hospitals?

Is there anyone you would give the Florence Nightingale award to and why?