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LO: To describe how the lives of children changed during Victorian times.  



Look at the photograph of the mining memorial (see attached document). On 4 July 1838 26 children were drowned when the Huskar Pit (mine) in South Yorkshire flooded. Read the list of names and write them down in order of their age - oldest to youngest. 


Place child laws chronologically on a timeline (see attached document).


How old was the youngest victim? 

Why weren't they at school? 


Now go through the PowerPoint- think about how the lives of some Vicorian children changed and the people who were involved in these changes.



Write a short report on how some of these laws affected the lives of Victorian children. 



How does lives of Victorian children compares to children’s lives today? 

Do you think lives got better for Victorian children after these laws were passed? 



Research and write about the individuals who helped to improve the lives of children during Victorian Britain.