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The year 2 teachers have noticed that some children have forgotten how to form their letters and join their writing again. We spent lots of time working really hard on our handwriting at school and we don't want you to forget what you have learnt. From next week we will have daily handwriting tasks for you to complete so that we can get our beautiful handwriting back. 


There is a lovely poem for you to copy out into your books. 

Remember :

  • Ascenders touch the top line- b , d, h, k , l , t 
  • Descenders come below the line- g , j , p , q, y
  • Mid point letters are half the size of your line- a , c, e, i, m, n , o , r, s, u, v, w, x, z 
  • Do not join- b, f , g, y, j, 
  • Start your letters from the correct place. 
  • Do not take your pencil off of your paper until your word is complete or you reach a letter that does not join. 


Make sure you have a sharp pencil, one hand is on your paper the other holds your pencil and you sit upright with both feet on the floor. 


Happy handwriting. smiley