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Guduud Class- Ms S Begum & Miss Khan

Message From Ms Begum


Dear Year 3 Guduud Class,

Welcome to your new class! I am so excited to meet you. We will have so much fun in year 3! You will learn lots of new things, like how to solve number problems and practical problems involving number, place value and much more. To begin the year, we will learn about forces in science and lots of other fascinating facts in a variety of subjects. These are just a few of the fantastic topics that we are sure you will enjoy taking part in.


I am excited to be your teacher and for you to be part of this awesome all-star class. I can’t wait to get to know you. We are going to have a great year together.


Enjoy your summer holidays and we will see you soon. This is sure to be a blockbuster year!

Lots of love,

Ms Begum


Message from Miss Khan

Dear Year 3 Children,

Welcome to our new class! My name is Miss Khan and I will be your teacher this year. You are all going to have so much fun learning and making new friends. I am very excited to meet you all and to begin our year of learning and fun!  This year we will make many wonderful memories on our learning journey and I am sure that we will all work together respectfully and kindly.

Now, I think it’s quite important for you all to know a little bit about me! I am a new teacher to Gascoigne and I am so thrilled to join the school and for us to have our own happy classroom family. In year 3 our learning journey gets a lot more exciting! We get to learn about forces and how magnets work in Science, how to create mechanical systems in Design and Technology and so much more! Although I love teaching all subjects, my favourite subject is Design and Technology as I love to plan and create things.

My favourite thing to do is baking! I can bake cakes, cookies and many other delicious treats! My favourite colours are pink and black and my favourite animals are pandas and rabbits! You all will find out a lot more about me throughout the year and I look forward to learning more about you all too!

Have an amazing summer holiday with your friends and family, I can’t wait to meet you all!

From your year 3 teacher,

Miss Khan