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Green - Miss Bhudia

To current Guduud class and future Green class laugh


   How are you all? I hope you are all well! How has your time during lockdown been? It’s your new Year Four teacher, Miss Bhudia.  I am so excited to be teaching you all next year and hope you are also excited for Year Four. We have something in common…it will be your first year in Year 4 and it will also be my first year teaching a Year 4 class at Gascoigne Primary! I am mega excited! How are you all feeling about it? Do not worry if you are nervous or anxious, it is normal to feel like that about starting a new school year, especially after lockdown.  I promise you the school have been working really hard so everything is safe for you for when you return to school. If you are worried, you can speak to your trusted adults at home, your teacher on Seesaw or even myself on the current Year Five page.


   If you don’t know me or haven’t seen me, it is because I am usually in the Year Five building! I currently am in Orange class.  Our new classroom will be in the current Year 5 building (in my current classroom) but the building will be known as the Year Four building from September. How amazing, we will have our own little building at the Gascoigne Road site!


   The other teachers and I will promise to make the learning as fun and knowledgeable as we can! I too hope you will also work just as hard as us adults, which I am sure you will. To get a head start to your learning in Year 4, please please please can you all use TT ROCKSTAR’S as often as you can in the holidays! I want to give so many certificates out when we return to school! I wonder if we will be the best class in our times tables in the year group? Lets aim for that!! Please can you also practise the spelling words from the Year 3/4 list in your reading records. We will hold many class competitions for our spellings and multiplication facts in Year Four so if you want to be the winner of these competitions, you know when to start practising from! Please also ensure you are using Bugclub and practising your writing (trying to join it neatly) in the holidays so you do not forget your amazing learning you have done so far in Year Three.


   Aside from reviewing your learning, please do also ensure you relax and enjoy yourselves in the holidays and have lots of fun with your family and friends. Practise your favourite hobbies, or even find new hobbies! This can be:  thinking of jokes, drawing, singing, making, cooking, dancing or sports or even anything else that is fun and safe! I am looking forward to hearing about the fun things you have been doing in the holidays. Please ensure you also help your parents and carers as well as staying safe online, at home and when you are outside.


   If you have any questions about anything, feel free to contact your current class teacher or myself on the current Year 5 page.


Looking forward to Year 4 laugh

Miss Bhudia