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Interim Grammar Statement – Autumn 2016



At Gascoigne Primary School, we value the importance of enabling children to become confident, literate individuals, who are able to deliberately select and use a wide range of grammatical forms. We work from the principle that the ideal vehicle for the teaching of Grammar is through the wider teaching of Writing composition.



  1. To successfully deliver the National Curriculum for Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation to all pupils, as appropriate to their learning needs.


  2. To ensure that the teaching of Grammar is effectively planned for through selecting grammatical ideas and principles relevant to the year group in question, and pertinent to the text / unit being covered.


  1. To maximise the progress of pupils through referring to grammatical concepts as key teaching points (underpinned by success criteria) by “thinking out loud” during writing composition.


  2. To feedback on pupils’ understanding of grammatical concepts through marking / pupil conferencing.


  3. To improve outcomes for Gascoigne pupils in SPAG tests.



  • Grammatical concepts are introduced to the children through the texts studied. Teachers plan to teach the full Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation content of the National Curriculum, selecting which concepts are best suited to each given text / unit.

  • Lessons, or sections of lessons may then be devoted to consolidating the understanding of the grammar principle in question. Evidence of this teaching will appear in the Lined Book.

  • Grammatical concepts will then appear as success criteria in writing composition lessons, and as such will be explicitly referenced / exemplified during modelled writing (eg through teachers “thinking out loud” / making deliberate mistakes).



  • Pupils’ learning in Grammar will be assessed against the (National Curriculum derived) targets on Target Tracker. Progress against the expectations will be discussed with the children via their “Personalised Coaching Folders”

  • Progress will also be validated and monitored through the use of summative tests.


Review Date: To be updated in line with incoming Literacy scheme – January 2017