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Golden Children Awards!

A huge well done to all the children in Year 3 who have won a gold award this week!

Roxo Class -  Emilia !

Emilia is being nominated for a Golden award for the subject Writing. She performed a poem whereby she projected her voice well, plenty of strong actions and was confident in her body language. Most importantly, the quality of her performance brought the poem to life. In addition to this Emilia always completes her home learning and displays excellent attitude to her education. I as her current class teacher am very proud of Emilia and I’m sure her parents are too. Thank you Emilia for sending in your videos on Seesaw!

Keep up with your commitment, dedication and your positive learning attitude Emilia, well done!


Mrs Choudhury



Guduud Class - Prisha & Talha

I am nominating Prisha for her third Golden Award. Congratulations Prisha. She has been completing all pieces of learning to a very high standard and she has shown dedication to improving herself during lockdown. Her presentation skills have improved beyond what she was doing before, which was already very impressive.  She is certainly ready for year 4 learning and Prisha has made everyone really proud. Please congratulate Prisha when you see her back at school in September.


Talha is being nominated for a Gold Award. He has shown commitment to improving his learning and keenly takes note of feedback I give on Seesaw. He then uploads his edited pieces of learning to show me that he has understood where corrections were needed. I am so pleased you are doing this Talha as it demonstrates that you are more than capable of learning independently. He showed great dedication to learning about plants in Science and length in Maths. Well done Talha. I am very proud of you.


Mrs Johal



Eleyi Ti Class - Mahnoor & Gnishilda !


Mahnoor is being nominated for her third Golden Award because she has demonstrated continued resilience and determination to improve her learning. She has consistently shown golden behaviour by trying her best in every subject, at all times.  Additionally, she is a very considerate pupil who always thinks and cares for others including myself as well as different members of staff at Gascoigne.

Congratulations Mahnoor-you deserve this!


Gnishilda is being nominated for a Golden Award because she has consistently had a golden attitude to her learning. She has always embraced all areas of her school learning and still has time to pursue extra home learning such as different projects/topics.  I'm very impressed and proud of her attitude and learning. Well done, Gnishilda!


Miss Onyebalu



Jaam Class - Adrian & Suki

Adrian has been nominated for his second golden award because he has been very dedicated and committed to his home learning. I am so impressed with all your shared work and I hope you continue with this positive attitude to learning when back in school.

Congratulations, Adrian! Keep up the good work.


Suki has been nominated for golden award because of her positive attitude towards her learning. She has been sharing her work with me and she put a lot of effort into it. Well done Suki for trying your best. I am proud of you so keep it up.


Mrs Blankson



A small sample of Adrian's home learning!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Vjollce Class - Adarsini !

Adarsini has been nominated for gold award because she is committed to her home learning and I hope to see more of her high standard work every day. All her pieces of work are presented beautifully and completed to a high standard.  I am very proud of her efforts. Her work now is consistently detailed. She has always sent me copies of her work in every single subject. Her attitude to learning and her education has greatly improved. I would like to share a couple of her learning samples.

Well done Adarsini!


Mrs. Ajmal


A small sample of Adarsini's home learning !

Violet Class - Rafia & Chiamaka (Precious)


I am nominating Rafia for her second Golden Award because she has always been showing a very positive and mature attitude towards all her learning. She is extremely hardworking, conscientious and well-motivated and I’m always very impressed by her incredible home learning she regularly shares with me on SeeSaw. Rafia loves writing and she has turned into a brilliant writer! Actually, this School Closure has helped Rafia to improve her fantastic writing skills significantly and she has developed a great passion for writing which is lovely to see!!!😊

I’m very proud of you!

Well done Rafia!!!    

Mrs Stanciu      

See below some of Rafia’s amazing home learning and few samples of her brilliant extra writing.



I’m very pleased to nominate Chiamaka (Precious) for her first very well-deserved Golden Award!!Well done Precious!!!😊

Precious has recently joined the class on SeeSaw but she has already impressed me with the high quality of the learning she has been sharing with me over the last few weeks. Precious is also completing a lot of extra work to consolidate and extend her learning. The quality and presentation of her written work has immensely improved and I’m extremely proud of her. Precious has shared with me her brilliant performance poetry video and I must say she is amazing!!! I love the way she changes the tone and intonation of her voice to create emotion, her fantastic face expressions and great body actions really captured my attention.

Keep it up Precious! Well done!


Mrs Stanciu

Here is just a small sample of Precious' fantastic recent home learning.

A small sample of Precious' amazing home learning !

A small sample of Rafia's amazing home learning !

Purple Class- No children celebrated for Gold this week.