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Golden Children Awards!

A huge well done to all the children who have won a gold award this week in year 3!

Jaam Class -

Gayathri and Matthew!


It is with great pleasure to celebrate Gayathri’s third Golden Award which guarantees her a place in the Headteacher’s Tea Party. I nominated her because she consistently completes all her online learning and it is always of high standard. She is committed to her learning and understands what education is about.

Congratulations, Gayathri! Continue to keep up the good work.



Matthew has been nominated for gold award because he has shown good attitude towards his learning whiles being in school every day since the lockdown. He always tries his best and he is committed to what he does. He sometimes shares his learning with me through seesaw.

I am very proud of you Matthew, keep it up.


Mrs Blankson

Vjollce Class - Iniyan and Ayan!


Iniyan has developed his resilience. He has a positive attitude towards learning and believes that he can achieve anything he puts his mind to.  He shows perseverance by showing the ability of self-control that pushes him to learn through challenges. He doesn’t give up no matter what he “never quits.” I am very much impressed with his home learning. 



I have nominated Ayan for all the efforts he puts in his learning. He has been uploading and sharing his learning and taking note of my feedback too. He has been working very hard to improve the presentation and quality of her written work and I am very proud of him.


Mrs Ajmal

Guduud Class - Amresh!

I have chosen Amresh for the gold award because he has persisted with his learning and demonstrated that he can improve his behaviour for learning too. Many teachers have commented on this during lock down so well done Amresh for paying attention to your behaviour targets. He has keenly asked for more learning to be added for him and this further exemplifies his dedication and enjoyment of lessons that teachers plan for children. Amresh, I know I have said this to you so many times and I'll say it again; I am super proud of you for listening to your adult helpers and for taking on board all the feedback we give you to help you improve.

Keep up the good work. Go on Amresh...go for another gold!


Best wishes (Mrs Johal)

Violet Class - Aaminah!

Aaminah has been such a fantastic surprise! πŸ˜‰Her attitude towards learning has improved tremendously.She is being nominated because she has shown consistent engagement and effort in her home learning.

She has been sharing her work with me every day and I am so impressed to see that the presentation of her written work has improved greatly.


I am very proud of you! Well done Aaminah!πŸ™‚


Mrs Stanciu

A small sample of Aaminah's home learning

Eleyi Ti Class - Arafat & Moosa!

Moosa is being nominated for his third Golden Award because he has always shown high levels of commitment and dedication to his home learning. In every subject, his work is always presented to a very high standard. Moosa consistently provides me with high quality work whether it is his school work or extra home learning (which he does frequently). It is encouraging to see how he uses his creativity on paper as well as when he uses ICT (he wants to be a programmer when he grows up). In his extra time, he shares how he is learning different codes. It is always pushing himself to excel.


Congratulations, Moosa!




Arafat is being nominated for his third Golden Award because he has always shown high levels of commitment to his learning. Independently, he has chosen to continuously excel himself. He extends his learning by completing school work as well as other trickier challenges from different workbooks. This demonstrates how prepared he is to succeed in Year 4.


He totally loves to learn-he is currently working on writing his own chapter book and he is working on his presenting skills. He regularly shares chapters of his book with me. He uses tricky vocabulary correctly and frequently, even though they are complex. Also he records himself presenting a topic or just a workout video. In all his videos, he is confident, enthusiastic and is having fun with his learning.


Congratulations, Arafat!



A small sample of Moosa's home learning

A small sample of Arafat's home learning

Arafat Science

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Purple and Roxo - No children celebrated for gold this week.