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Golden Children Awards!

A huge well done to all the children who have won a gold award this week in year 3!

Guduud Class - Daniel!


Daniel is being nominated for Gold award because he has shown consistent dedication to his home learning. I am incredibly proud to be his teacher.

He has been uploading and sharing his learning with me and taking note of feedback too.  He has improved the presentation of his work greatly. 


Well done Daniel. Keep going for your second gold!


Mrs Johal

Violet Class - Denisa!


This week I am celebrating Denisa from Violet Class!!!🙂Well done Denisa! We are very very proud of you! 

Denisa has been nominated because of her continuous effort and great motivation in her home learning.  She has been sharing her work with me every single day and always responded well to challenges and next steps. Denisa has been working very hard to improve the presentation and quality of her written work and I am very proud of her. Well done Denisa! Congratulations!


Mrs Stanciu

A small sample of Denisa's home learning!

Eleyi Ti Class - Muyassar and Nafees!

Muyassar is being nominated for her third Golden Award because she has consistently shown high levels of sustained commitment and effort in her home learning. Since the lockdown, her work in all her subjects has been of a very high standard. She independently monitors her progress and is preparing herself for year 4 by completing some Year 4 challenges. I am also impressed with her presenting skills which shows her confidence in speaking.

I'm extremely proud of her dedication to her learning.




Nafees is being nominated for his third Golden Award because he has consistently shown an excellent amount of commitment. He is still going over and beyond in all areas of his learning especially science. It is very encouraging to see his high level of enthusiasm and scientific knowlegde, when he has conducted his experiments. We often discuss his results via Seesaw and he is able to provide me with detailled explanations.

I'm very proud of his excellent effort.


Miss Onyebalu

A small sample of Muyassar's home learning!

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A small sample of Nafees's home learning!

Vjollce Class - Sabah and Lisian!

I have nominated Sabah for the Golden Award not only because she is putting lots of efforts in her home learning but she is also contributing towards the better environment by planting lots of fruits and vegetables. She is working hard to understand different concepts in Mathematics and I am extremely glad to see the improvement she is making in her writing too.



I congratulate Lisian on getting his second Golden Award for his potency to attempt challenges. Lisian has been uploading the completed pieces of his learning everyday and responding to my next steps too. I am very proud of the way Lisian is committed to his learning and his desire to achieve his goal. He takes pride in his learning and his work is always of very high standard.


​​​​​​​Mrs Ajmal

A small sample of Sabah's home (garden) learning!

Jaam Class - Ayomide!


Ayomide has been nominated for gold award because he has consistently shown good attitude towards his learning and he is committed. He shares his learning with me every single day and he always tries his best.


I am extremely proud of you Ayomide, keep it up.


Mrs Blankson

Purple Class - Momina!

This week, I am celebrating Momina for a golden award because she has continued to produce wonderful home learning just like she did when she was at school.

I am very much enjoying looking through all of her home learning and she clearly understands the importance of working as hard at home as she did at school. Momina will definitely be ready for year 4 if she keep working as hard as she is doing. She has consistently completed the next steps and challenges that I have given her. She is keeping in close contact with me through Seesaw about any problems or questions she may have with a piece of work which she is using to help her progress further.


You only have a few more weeks of home learning for year 3 Momina, keep it up!


Mr Hollingsworth


A small sample of Momina's home learning!

Roxo Class - No children celebrated for gold this week.