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Golden Children Awards!

A huge well done to all the children who have won a gold award this week in year 3!

Jaam Class - Ahmad!


Ahmad has been nominated for gold award because he shows good attitude towards his learning. He is committed to his home learning and I hope to see more of his high standard work every day.

I am so proud of you Ahmad, keep it up smiley


Mrs Blankson

Eleyi Ti - Qasim and Arsal!

Arsal is being nominated for his second Golden Award because he has consistently been pushing himself during this pandemic. At school, he did not always fully complete his work or finish it on time. However, his work now is consistently detailled. He has always sent me copies of his work in every single subject. His attitude to learning and his education has greatly improved. 

Congratulations, Arsal!


Miss Onyebalu

Just a small sample of Arsal's home learning!

Qasim is being nominated for his first Golden Award because he has completely transformed his attitude to learning. At school, he would do the minimal amount of work and his presentation was an ongoing issue. However, his work now is consistently neat, detailed and very clear.  I've been waiting for this change so I'm extremely happy with his new and approved attitude.

What a pleasant surprise! =) Keep this up Qasim!


Mrs Onyebalu

A small sample of Qasim's home learning

Purple Class - Aarnavi!



This week, I am celebrating Aarnavi for a golden award because she has continued to show an incredible work ethic towards her home learning just like she did when she was at school.

She has regularly uploaded her home learning on to Seesaw and she consistently completes all the next steps and challenges that I give her. She is keeping in close contact with me through Seesaw about any problems or questions she may have with a piece of work which she is using to help her progress further.


This shows what a fantastic attitude you have towards your learning Aarnavi, well done!


Mr Hollingsworth


Just a small sample of Aarnavi's home learning!

Vjollce Class - Bianca and Samir!


I Congratulate Bianca on getting her second Gold Award! I have nominated Bianca for her determination and commitment towards her learning. She has engaged positively with her learning tasks and feedback. She always takes pride in her learning and her written work is beautifully presented and organised.

Well done Bianca, I am very proud of you!



I have nominated Samir for the effort he puts in his home learning. Despite having some technical problems, he made his way to school to get a learning pack so he wouldn’t fall behind in his learning and would be able to catch up with his peers in year 4… SUPER IMPRESSIVE! I notice the improvements in his learning on SEESAW every day.

A huge well done Samir!


Mrs Ajmal

Guduud, Roxo and Violet - No children celebrated for gold this week.