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Golden Children

4 Alawo ewe - Rayyan 

This week, Ms Bhudia, Ms Mahmood and Mrs Steers have decided to nominate a child that has been working extremely hard in his learning. We have nominated Rayyan in Alawo ewe class for his fantastic learning! Rayyan is always trying his very best and perseveres, even when he is struggling. He is very hard working, keen to learn and gives fantastic ideas in class discussion explaining them very clearly like a teacher. Ms Bhudia has also noticed Rayyan’s behaviour improving as he  is remaining focussed during remote learning. We would also like to thank your family for the excellent support. We are so proud of you Rayyan, keep it up and we hope you continue this hard work and effort so you have the opportunity to receive more golden badges this year!laugh

4 Green - Evelina

Miss Bhudia would like to nominate Evelina for a Golden Award. Well done Evelinalaugh. Evelina has consistently put in excellent effort towards her learning during lockdown. Like us all, Evelina has found some parts challenging but she has persevered by staying determined and trying her best. She has consistently posted learning on to Seesaw and then reflected on her learning by responding to the marking. Evelina’s behaviour is excellent. She is such a kind and caring person. Everyday she welcomes the class with a warm “Good morning everybody!” and asking people how they are. Keep up the excellent behaviours, you are going to be a super star! Well done to your family as well for the support. You should be so proud of yourself Evelina, I am extremely proud.


Miss Bhudia

4 Vert  Wuafi - nominated by Mrs Powell & Ms Alpha


Wuafi faces many challenges in his learning and has found Remote Learning very difficult to access.

However, he has logged on every single session and tried very hard to participate. Wuafi has also worked in 1 to 1 sessions online with Mrs Powell. During that time, he has shown a great interest in what is going on during Lockdown and how things will be when we all return to school. Wuafi has worked hard during his sessions and progressed with his basic addition. 

Miss Powell and Miss Alpha are very proud of Wuafi and the determination and resilience he has shown during the period of Remote Learning. He definitely deserves a Gold Award.


Well Done Wuafi!

5 OSAN - Abdulrazaq - Nominated by Ayaan


Dear Mrs Stock,

I would like to nominate a special boy in our class for a golden star. He has always assisted me in school and is very positive and kind person. This boy is very smart and encourages everyone in the class. He keeps things fair and I would really like him to get a golden star. He deserves it. He is a very helpful and intelligent person, and for this reason I think he should be recognised for this and given an award. He is everyone's friend and there isn't a single reason to dislike him. This incredible boy is.... Drum roll...... Abdulrazaq!!!!!πŸŽ‰

5 OSAN - Safaa Nowab 


I would like to nominate Safaa this week for a golden badge as she has been putting in 100% effort in all of her remote learning tasks and uploading it onto SeeSaw. She goes above and beyond what is required, and she should be extremely proud of herself. I'd also like to thank Safaa's Mum for her support to.

Mrs Stock

2 LAL - Babatunde

3 VIOLET - Mia, Elliot , Insiya, Faizan

1 Blue- Mikaeel Mohammad


I nominate Mikaeel because has made excellent progress in all areas of his learning, especially his writing. He has worked through his writing targets and is able to write a short story in neat handwriting.

Mikaeel confidently shares his ideas during learning and responds to feedback by improving his learning. He takes pride in every little effort and will strive for the best.

I'm proud of Mikaeel as he always shows respect and is helpful towards his friends and teachers.

Well done Mikaeel for always striving for the best. 


Mrs Coffie is always proud of youblush



5 Osan - Ayaan


This week I would like to nominate Ayaan Haider for a golden badge. Since we have started remote learning in January, he has been an incredibly supportive member of the class, not only for the other students but also supporting me with how to use the technology correctly. He is always on time to our remote learning sessions and is great at participating. 


He should be extremely proud of how helpful and kind he is.

Mrs Stock

2 Red - Umar Muhammad 


I would like to nominate Umar Muhammad for his commitment to his learning during this remote learning period. He has worked incredibly hard on achieving his targets in all subject areas and has attacked every challenge given to him with determination. He has also shown excellent creativity throughout this process and has produced some amazing extra tasks of his own accord. Well done Umar and thank you to your parents for enabling you to achieve your goals. Check out his latest master piece above. 


From a very proud Miss Shermin😊

2 Lal - Jagraj

2 Vermelho - Matias

Matias, you have been awared a golden award! You only started Gascoigne in September and you didn't know anyone. You have been a pleasure to teach and you have worked so hard to prove yourself and what you are capable of. Thank you for always trying your absolute best! Thank you for always presenting your work to the very highest standard! Thank you for always taking your seesaw coments on board and remembering your targets. But thank you for reamining resilient in these difficult times! I cannot wait to see what else you have to offer, you deserve this award.

From a very proud and excited Ms Connelly wink


5 Osan  - Andra 

There are many reasons I would like to nominate Andra:

β–«   Always on time to remote learning.

β–«   Extremely dedicated to her learning, going above and beyond what she needs to.

β–«   Following instructions for the lesson.

β–«   Posting work on SeeSaw and responding well to feedback

β–«   Finally, outstanding contribution to ideas in lesson not only supporting other members of the class but also supporting the class teacher too.

Andra, you should be extremely proud of yourself. I know you have found remote learning and some of the topic a little tricky a times but you have worked so hard and it really has been noticed.   Mrs Stock


5 Orange - Sinti


 I would like to preset Sinti K with the Golden Star as she has been a constant contributor during the remote learning, pushing herself to new heights and using the time at home as an opportunity instead of a restriction to pick up from where she was. The culminating piece for her getting this Golden star was this fantastic model of a rainforest she built during geography last week.     Mr Ade-Davis


5 Portakalli - Sakshi


I am nominating Sakshi from 5 Portakalli to receive a golden award for her exceptional attitude towards remote learning.  Sakshi  is an enthusiastic learner who always participate in all her lessons.  She  is always courteous and cooperates consistently with her class teacher as well as other children in the class.  Sakshi is very courteous, reliable and conducts herself with increasing maturity. She takes her learning very seriously and is very committed to completing her work within the given time. Sakshi is always willing to:

  • explain tasks or new concepts to her peers,
  • volunteer to read a part of a text
  • answer questions posed by the class teacher (and)
  • offer constructive suggestion to her peers to help them improve their work

It is a pleasure working with Sakshi during live teaching and she is well-deserving of the gold she has been nominated for. - Ms Cole-Davis



2 Red - Barirah

I would like to nominate Barirah S for a golden award to celebrate the fantastic commitment to her learning. Barirah has shown resilience and determination and has exceeded the targets that she has been set. The presentation and standard of her learning has been excellent throughout the remote learning period and I am very proud of what she has achieved. Well done Barirah keep it up ☺️.  From an extremely proud Miss Shermin. 



4 Green - Jannah 

Miss Bhudia would like to nominate Jannah for a golden award laugh. Jannah has really improved in all areas of her learning. She is regularly participating in remote learning and is persevering by asking questions when she is unsure of something. Her handwriting has really improved and because of this, she can also be awarded with a pen license! How amazing, congratulations Jannah! Jannah also regularly practises her times tables and does so well in Soundcheck often getting 25/25. She is a role model to her peers and is a polite young lady, who has really become more confident. Jannah's family should be so proud of her because I certainly am! A big well done goes to Jannah's parents too for supporting her during remote learning, it is amazing to see how well she is learning. Congratulations and well done Jannah, I am so proud of you!


Miss Bhudia