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Golden Award Children!

A huge well done to all the children who have won a gold award this week in year 3!

Jaam Class - Adrian!

Adrian has been nominated for gold award because he shows fantastic attitude towards his learning. He shares his learning with me every single day and it is of high standard. He has been very committed to his home learning and I hope to see him continue when we go back to school.


I am extremely proud of you Adrian, keep it up.


Mrs Blankson

Guduud Class - Prisha!


I have nominated Prisha from Guduud class for the Golden Award this week. She has been

uploading some amazing learning recently and she has super impressed me with her writing ideas. All her pieces of work are presented beautifully and completed to a high standard.  I am very proud of her efforts. Well done Prisha...keep going for another gold!


Best wishes Mrs Johal

Violet Class - Rafia!

Click on the pdf below to find out why Mrs Stanciu has rewarded Rafia the golden award this week.

Eleyi Ti Class - Gnishilda!

She is being nominated for a Golden Award because has totally earned this reward. She has consistently embraced all areas of her school learning since school was closed. Her attitiude to her studies has been fantastic; she consistently provides me with high quality work in all her subjects. I have attached a few examples of this.


I'm incredibly impressed and proud of her attitude and learning. Well done, Gnishilda!


Have a look at some of Gnishilda's learning below.

Roxo Class - Emilia!


I have nominated Emilia for a Golden Award as she has consistently sent in good works and shown a great effort in all  of her home learning. She is a great role model to herself and that of her peers. 


Keep up with your commitment and your learning Emilia and a very well done to you from me!


Mrs Choudhury

Vjollce Class - Ardasini!


I would like to nominate Adarsini for the excellent output in her learning. She came from America and could not attend school for a long time. Since then she tried her best and challenged herself throughout the months she has been in the class. Her passion for learning is incredible which is proven by the efforts she puts into her home learning.

I am very proud of her commitment and positive attitude towards her learning. She has been completing her next steps and is in close contact with me through SeeSaw.


Well done Adarsini!

Mrs. Ajmal

Purple Class - Makar!

I am awarding my gold award to Makar, who is fully deserving of the award this week.

He has been continuously sharing his home learning with me through Seesaw and has been consistently completing all of his next steps and challenges.

He has continued to complete all of his learning to a high standard and is clearly taking lots of pride in his learning.

I have enjoyed seeing Makar's photos, voice recordings and videos of his home learning and I am looking forward to seeing what else he produces in future.

Have a look below at just a small snippet of what Makar has been producing over the last couple of weeks.


Well done Makar, you have fully deserved you gold award this week!

Mr Hollingsworth