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Getting Help at School

Are you worried about something?


Everybody worries about things, but whether it is a big or little worry you should never worry alone.

If you are feeling worried, sad, scared or upset talk to an adult you can trust. You could talk to a member of your family or someone in school. Talking about things often makes you feel better, and an adult will be able to help you solve any problems. If you feel shy about going to an adult, then talk to a peer or write your worry down and put in the worry box, every class has a worry box.


Worry Box


If an adult in school thinks that you may not be safe and are at risk of being hurt, then they will speak to the Safeguarding Leads to get further advice and try to keep you safe.


The Safeguarding leads are: Mrs Buchner, Ms Monks and Mrs Nnochiri. You can talk to them if you feel unhappy or unsafe, or you can speak with a Learning Mentor, there are: Mr Greaves, Miss Schembri, Mrs Berwick, Mr Brown and Mrs Iqbal.


​No one has the right to make you feel unhappy or unsafe - it's good to talk!