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Lesson Objective: To create a floor plan of bedroom


Success Criteria:

  • I can identify landmarks on a map
  • I understand that floor plans and maps are drawn from an aerial view
  • I can draw a floor plan


Key Vocabulary

Maps and plans are views from above or a ‘bird’s eye view’ of a place and use symbols

‘Bird's eye view' -  as seen from high above

Distance - the measure of space between things

Direction - the way in which one may face or travel

Aerial view - When we look at something from above we call this an ‘aerial view’

Floor plan - a scale drawing of a room or one floor of a building, as seen from above.


Activity 1

 Pronounce vocabulary and their meaning.


Activity 2

What do you know about maps? Discuss.


Activity 3

What do you notice?

Aerial view of Gascoigne Primary

Map of area around Gascoigne Primary

Floor plan of a bedroom

Floor plan of a classroom


Activity 4

Task 1

Draw a floor plan of your bedroom.

  1. Look around your bedroom. What can you see?
  2. Try and draw what objects would look like from above, or from a ‘bird’s eye view’ or aerial view.

Try and put everything in the right position.

Include tables and chairs.


Task 2

Play ‘Toy Detectives’:

  • Hide a toy in your bedroom and mark its location on your bedroom floor plan.

Can the ‘detective’ find the toy using your bedroom floor plan?

Geography Maps Floor Plans