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LO: To learn about the countries of the UK.  


SC: I can name the four countries in the UK 

I can name the capital cities of the four countries. 

I can talk about the countries and their individual features.  


Vocab: United Kingdom, country, city, border, England, London, Northern Ireland, Belfast, Scotland, Edinburgh, Wales, Cardiff


Today's task:


1. Reflect on what we learned last week. Can you remember the four different countries in the UK and where they are on the map? 


2. Look through the powerpoint below to find out lots of information about countries in the UK. 


3. Cut out and colour in the four flags of the countries in the UK and then stick them down on a piece of paper. Then, write an interesting fact you have learned about each of the countries. 


4. Take a picture of your work and send it in to your teacher... I bet they can't wait to see it!