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LO: I can identify the countries in the UK.  



I can name the four countries of the UK  

I can find the four countries on a map.  

I can identify their capital cities.  


Vocab: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, country, border, London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, United Kingdom, Island. 


Today's task: 


1. First, we would like you to use google earth to have a look at the UK. Can you find where we live in Barking? Can you find Gascoigne Primary School? I wonder if you could find your classroom door... 


2. Next, we would like you to go through the powerpoint below in order to learn about the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. See if you can answer the key questions in the bubbles.


3. Lastly, we'd like you to use four colours (red, blue, yellow and green) to colour in the countries of the United Kingdom. Can you label it with the correct country and corresponding capital city? 


Don't forget to upload your work onto SeeSaw for your teachers to review!