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Learning Objective:  To identify different types of weather.  



Success Criteria:  

I can talk about today's weather.

I can notice different types of weather in UK. 

I know that the weather can change every day and by the season. 


Purpose of this learning: To know the different types of weather and begin to associate particular weather with seasons.



sunny, rainy, foggy, cloudy. stormy, windy, snowing, ,hailing, thundering, overcast, seasons, autumn, spring, summer, winter





Go outside and observe the weather. Use the key questions below as prompt to develop your understanding of today's weather.

What is the weather like today? 

Do you know what is the season?  

What was the weather, like yesterday? 

Do you think the weather is going to be the same tomorrow?  


Activity 2

Watch the video by following the link below and refer to the attached slides (see below).



What do we know about the weather? What types of weather can you name?

What is the weather like in the UK? Is the weather always the same? When does it change? How does the weather feel in summer? Why isn’t it hot in December?


Task: Draw and label the different types of weather in the UK.