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Thursday 16th July 2020

L.O: To research a human feature

SC: I can find information

      I can write useful facts

City,town, village/countryside, hamlet, facilities, borough

In geography we were looking at different types of settlements and we were focusing it on Brazil and the UK.  Have a look at the clip and see if you have remembered the different types of settlements.

We all live in the urban city of London and within the city there are boroughs, which are different areas that are split up in the city of London.  Many of you live in the borough of Barking and Dagenham some live in other boroughs. We see many human features in London and all the surrounding boroughs every day.


You can choose a human feature below and research it.

What is made from?

When was it built?

What is it used for?

What human feature would you like in your city and why?

E.g. it could be a superhero fair ground because I would like to go on a ride that makes me fly like superman.