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Thursday 9th July 2020 

L.O: To write an experience of Brazil 

How exciting! You are in Brazil and you are going to write a postcard to your family. 

You can tell them about all the wonderful things that you have seen including the amazing landmarks and human features that you have been to in the different Brazilian cities. What are the names of cities?  

You can say what other things you liked about Brazil… the people, weather, their famous carnival. 

You may want to say what is different about Brazil to the UK? 

What did you like the best? - Have a look at this clip to inspire you. 

There is lots of information that I have included to help you write your postcard. Think about E.g. The football stadium, the types of houses and roads, different buildings… 



Here is an example to help you, and start you off…  You can write the post card in your book or if you are able to; you can use the one provided. 


To ______________ I have had such a marvellous time in Brazil. I have seen so many fantastic things like… I travelled to different cities and my favourite city was…. because it had …..  They have a huge famous statue called….  




From__________(your name)