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Thursday 4.6.20 

Today, you’ll be looking at key human features of a settlement.  Did you know that cities are part of settlements?  Well you will be looking at human features in the cities of Brazil. 

Remember when we were learning about human and physical features around us? 

Human features are things that are made by humans/people, e.g. houses, bridges, offices, museums... 

A settlement -is a place where people live and work and can be big or small, depending on how many people live there. Towns and cities are urban settlements. Features of towns and cities include homes, shops, roads and offices. 

Use Google Earth to search for and locate Brazil. Use the search or zoom function to take a closer look at Brazil and identify any human features you can see and discuss with your family. 

There is also a power point and some pictures to help you identify human features as well... I’m sure you can think of some of your own too. 



Answer the following questions in your home learning books. 


Use geographical vocabulary to identify human features and record them in a list: 

What is a settlement? 

Name 3 cities in Brazil.  

What human features can you see? 

Which human feature would you like to visit?