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Hello Year 2,


For your Geography lesson today, you will be using your map making skills once again, but this time I want you to have a good look outside your windows. What do you see? You will need to draw a map of what it looks like on the outside of your house, you may see a river or cars parked on the street. Imagine you give your map to someone, they will need to be a street detective and try and work out where you live or where you are taking them. Be sure to include any signs that you see outside for example, no entry signs or school signs.


Alternatively you could create a map with the starting point at Gascoigne primary and create a map to take them on a secret adventure. You may guide them to your local library, or a restaurant close to you or maybe to your local park. If you choose this option you will need to think carefully about the area and draw carefully. 


Don't forget to include a key on your map, label your work and pay attention to detail.

We would love for you to send your maps to us on SeeSaw, enjoy!