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Dear pupils, parents and carers


I’m sure you have all been busy in your homes spending quality time with family, taking care of each other and getting home learning tasks completed daily. All the teachers at the school are very proud of some of the learning that has been celebrated on the school website. Keep it up!


As we are currently experiencing a challenging time around the world I thought, why not think of ways we can protect our natural environment through recycling. Our rubbish can harm animals on land and in the oceans, and collecting new materials instead of recycling old ones often destroys animal habitats. Recycling helps the environment and protects wildlife.


Help to make our world a better place by finding out all about recycling with your children, then completing one or both missions, which challenge pupils to create an animal character, so that adults can be persuaded to recycle more, and recycle better.


As a school community, I would like us to enter the Action Pack Recycling Challenge this month. Pupils learning about recycling will be submitted show our commitment to the cause. Favourite submissions will also be published on the schools recycling website whilst the school also enters a prize draw to win eco-friendly prizes.


Below you will find guidelines on how you can learn all about being an active citizen and recycling to teach grown-ups what they can do to help our planet. Your work could inspire others beyond our school community by appearing on the Action Pack website, and you could win great prizes to help our school become more eco-friendly, including books and seed bomb.


So, let’s get together and join in with Gascoigne’s mission to make the world a better place. Remember to watch the videos about recycling and complete a mission to share your wonderful work in making a difference.

Looking forward to seeing your work.


Mrs Miah

Assistant Head Leading Science


Closing Date for this project is 31st of April 2020. All work needs to be shared before this. Thank you.


1. Complete Starter Activity- Home Recycling Survey

2.Lesson Introduction to Recycling for Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2: Pupils in Years 1 & 2 – See Recycling PowerPoint Lesson for KS1 Pupils in Years 3,4,5 & 6 – See Recycling PowerPoint lesson for KS2



Key Stage 1 Mission:

Task 1: Use recycling materials to make a character.

Task 2: Make a recycling poster with a memorable message.


Key Stage 2 Mission:

  • Task 1: Create your character – use recyclable materials to design and make your own animal recycling superstar
  • Remember: your character should be:
  • an animal or creature (this can be any animal, from the sea, land, or sky!)
  • made of recyclable or reusable materials
  • memorable – what will make your character stand out to people who watch your show or film? What makes them different from other characters?
  • passionate about recycling and ready to inspire others to recycle more and better!


  • Task 2: Create your script – personalise our script (see slide 34,KS2 PPT) or get creative and write your own
  • Your script should:
  •  inform others about what can be recycled in your area
  •  inspire you audience to recycle more and better
  •  be formatted as a script with dialogue and stage directions

 star one (or more) of your characters!


Finally, shoot your film featuring your character and conveying your message about the importance of recycling.

Remember to share your work by sending pictures or videos to your Year Group Leader of Mrs Miah through the contact form.


Many Thanks & I Look Forward to Seeing Your FABTASTIC WORK!