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Friday's Learning

Hi Year One!
Well done, you completed another week! Yay!! laugh 
I hope you have written an interesting letter to Fred telling him all about your week. He’s super keen to hear from you all and all the fab things you’ve been doing. 
Make sure you smile so brightly this weekend that all your adults will have to wear sunglasses!  Get some exercise in and lots of chill time to prepare for another week of fun learning. 
Missing you all lots and lots.


I'm super proud of you all
Miss Hagger heart





Hi Year One!
How are you all? We’re missing you all loads. We hope you’ve had a fab first week back full of lots of lovely learning. 
The trick to being at home all the time is keeping busy, so working through these tasks not only helps your brain grow, but also makes the days go quicker. 
Today you have another opportunity to write to Fred! He’s REALLY keen to find out what you got up to this week. Did you video call some family? Did you play indoors? Did you have a pyjama day (I know I did!). Make sure you remember your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in your writing and carefully form your letters. 
Also, ask an adult to explain the maths activity to you then have a go at completing it independently! A little Friday challenge for you... I wonder who can rise to it? 
You should’ve completed your Joe Wicks by now and be ready for a new day! Best of luck and you know where we are if you need us! 
Lots of love,
Miss Hagger laugh