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Friday's Learning

Good Afternoon Year 1,


It's Ms Jawaher again laugh We're ever so missing your lovely smiles. 

How was your day? I hope the learning wasn't too tricky today. I know you’re all working so hard!  

Oh those amazing letters you have sent us today, Mrs Coffie’s email got blown away! Haha 

What a fantastic read for us! Thank you for sharing what you are doing while we are so far away! A big grin from me and a thumbs up from all your teachers. 


In my Maths learning today, I was not too great at estimating but, with a little help from Miss Hagger I got better. I am so proud of myself, and so should you, for making the effort and improving on your learning.

 Please continue sending your daily learning to us so we can share and celebrate your achievements.


I have read Cops and Robbers by Janet and Allan Ahlberg today. What book have you read? Why don't you send a picture and a review of your book?


Please continue reading books written by different authors.

Have a nice early night to make sure you're fresh and ready for the weekend activities.


Bye for now!






Happy Fun Friday Year 1!


It's Ms Jawaher here laugh

What a lovely morning it is! You know what makes it even better, your spectacular letters! Yes! It is Friday, and my turn to read your letters with Fred! I can not wait to see what you did this week. So, write your letters using you neatest handwriting (ascenders and descenders) and send them to Mrs Coffie.


Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! It is time to tell what time it is on the clock!  We do many things during the day from  brushing our teeth to eating an orange, but have you ever thought about how long you might take in doing these things? You might be like me who have not! So, let’s do this together today in our Maths learning. Let’s complete and share our findings at the end of the day. I will send  mine to Mrs Coffie and so can you! Is it a deal? Yes! 


Please make sure you’re reading a variety of books from different authors such as The Bad tempered lady bird from Eric Carle , The Gruffalo by Julia Davidson or even A Bear called Paddington by Michael Bond.


 Have a good day!