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Friday's Learning

Good Afternoon Year 4

 We’d like to say “Thank You” and “Well Done” for completing your tasks successfully.  We are very grateful and proud of you all.  A massive thank you for your poems and other pieces of work you have sent to Ms Radcliffe so far.   I (Ms Obeng-Yeboah) enjoyed reciting very interesting poems some of you wrote last week.  They were super!!! 


Continue to exercise as much as you can each.  Do additional reading, writing and maths.  Practise TTrockstar and revise some maths concepts that we have covered this term. 

We hope to see you all soon.


Until then, look after yourselves, stay safe and have a happy Easter.      


Good Morning Year 4 

Trust you are all well and keeping safe.  Well done for your continued efforts in learning on daily basis.  We can’t express how much we appreciate your efforts.   There will be lots of outstanding work to celebrate when we go back to school.  

We are starting off today’s learning with reading.  Ensure you read the comprehension passage and answer the questions as much as you could in detail.  Remember the strategies of answering the different types of questions.  Get an adult to check your responses where necessary.   You may keep a record of some of the unfamiliar vocabulary that you will be exploring, so you can share with your peers and family members. 

It is vital that you stay healthy so follow Joe Wicks body coach exercise on YouTube as you do each morning.   Burn some energy and most of all have fun exercise. 

In maths, try as much as you can to complete the tasks from this website. There is a video to demonstrate how to complete the tasks successfully.   Check the link:    

Get ready to have a go at writing your haiku poems today.  You are to choose your own “topic” and write about it.  Refresh your memories by revisiting features and look at some examples to guide.  Read below to remind yourselves.  Then create your own independently.

I am first with five

Then seven in the middle 

Five again to end.

You may create different drawings to accompany your ideas.  Post Miss Radcliffe samples to go on our school website to celebrate your efforts.

We are looking forward to see some great ideas in your DT lesson this week.  You are required to design and annotate a new model of a car.  

Year 4 Teachers wish all of you a very happy Easter.  Look after yourselves, have some fun and keep safe. 


V. Obeng-Yeboah and The Year 4 Teachers.