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Friday's Learning

Good Afternoon,
How are you Year 1? Let’s reflect on our day now. Think about which activities you enjoyed today and why. What made them so enjoyable? Reflect on all those moments where you needed just a little more time to understand the task or needed a little help from someone else. Why were you finding it difficult? Was it because you were not understanding the question, or had the idea in your mind, but just needed a little longer to write it down?
Now is the time to set yourself a target, what do you need to improve and how? It could be about your handwriting; a letter you need to practise more or telling the time to the hour during the day or even need to go over more nonsense words. Write your target done on a piece of paper and check again next week how you got on.
Finally, make sure you are sending your learning to your teachers on Seesaw and you have logins for other websites that you should be visiting too for your learning.
Music- Yumu
Reading- Bug Club
ICT- Purple Mash

Maths- MyMaths 
I hope you all have a lovely restful weekend and we’ll see you back Monday, 
Take Care,

Ms Jawaher

It’s Friday!

What an amazing week we have had with you sending your learning to your teachers regularly on Seesaw. It is nearly the end of this fabulous Year, but  we are still eager to learn and always show what excellent role models we are.

Isn’t that correct Year 1?


This week you have been reading our core text The Color of Home  and have really understood what it means to be a refugee and how Hassan may be trying to change his life around. We all know that Hassan left behind his Grand parents and other members of family in Somalia. So, it is time now for you to write back a postcard to them. For more information look back at the writing page to know how we write a postcard. 


What more to learn? Maths! We are carrying on to answer so reasoning questions in maths today so make sure you look closely at the key vocabulary in the questions. 


Are you in the race to be a Reading Champion?  Get ready to write a review about the books you’ve read or are going to read today and send them to your teachers on Seesaw.  

Remember to read at-least one book every day on Big Club because Reading is the exercise for the brain. 

I’ll leave you for now and please email us if you need help! 

 Bye for now and have a good day! 

Ms Jawaher