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Friday's Learning

Good Afternoon,
How are you Year 1? Let’s reflect on our day now. Think about which activities you enjoyed today and why. Reflect on all those moments where you needed just a little more time to understand the task or needed a little help from someone else. Why were you finding it difficult? Was it because you were not understanding the question, or had the idea in your mind, but just needed a little longer to write it down?
Now is the time to set yourself a target, what do you need to improve and how? It could be about your handwriting; a letter you need to practise more or telling the time to the hour during the day or even need to go over more nonsense words. Write your target done on a piece of paper and check again next week how you got on.
Finally, make sure you are sending your learning to your teachers on Seesaw and you have logins for other websites that you should be visiting too for your learning.
Music- Yumu
Reading- Bug Club
ICT- Purple Mash
I hope you all have a lovely restful day and we’ll see you back tomorrow.
Take Care,

Ms Jawaher

Good morning Year 1,


Finally it is Friday! What fantastic learning you have completed this week. 

So, are you ready for your activities today? 


Today for Maths you are continuing to compare different durations of time using the appropriate language such as  longer than and shorter than. Make sure you can spell the key vocabulary correctly and rehearse your ideas aloud to ensure you get the right answers.


For your writing activity you are going to edit and proofread your writing. We have been proofreading a lot in our SpaG activities so you should be aware of things you need to look out for.

For example:

  •         Handwriting (ascenders and descenders) 
  •         Do your sentences make grammatical sense?
  •         Have you written your story in the correct tense?
  •         Have you used your phonics knowledge to spell words correctly? 
  •         Super sentences : capital letter, finger space and full stops
  •         Have you used descriptive language? 


It is always great to see you read your books, so keep sending us your book reviews on Seesaw so we can celebrate your learning every Friday at 3:30pm.

Remember to read at-least one book everyday on Bug Club because Reading is the exercise for the brain.

I’ll leave you for now and please email us if you need help! Bye for now and have a good day!

Ms Jawaher