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Friday's Learning

Hello again Year 1, laugh

I trust you had an enjoyable day of learning. So how did you get on?

How did you get on with creating your own clock? Did you create your own times?

When you did your carnival invitation today did you check for:

  •  neat handwriting
  •  capital letters
  •  finger spaces
  •  correct punctuation
  • adjectives to make your writing more exciting
  • creative and colourful

Have you all used your beautiful handwriting in your Writing today? Are all your ascenders, descenders, upper-case and lower-case letters formed correctly?


Finally, please remember to continue reading and practice your times tables on TTrockstars.

Well done for completing another day of fantastic learning. You now only have less than 3 weeks left of home learning in year 1 which is only 13 more school days! Where is the time going? I know you can all keep your work levels up until the end of the year. You are all doing well!


Have a wonderful and restful weekend everybody, make sure you do lots of things that make you feel happy.


Lots of love, heart

Ms Begum


Happy Friday Year 1s, laugh

It’s Friday…. whoop, whoop…it’s nearly the weekend!

I’m so excited for today’s writing activity. You will write an invitation inviting your friends to the carnival. You will need to think about where the carnival will be held, when it will be held and what time. You will need to make your invitation very attractive, using vibrant colours. So, get creative!

Remember to use your neatest handwriting (ascenders and descenders) for your invitations. Your teachers are really looking forward to seeing them on Seesaw.


Today in maths, you will be looking at creating your own clock. Can you remember where to position all the numbers? Afterwards, you will create your own times.


Try to read and write at least two book reviews every day and share with your class teachers on SEESAW or in class. Your book reviews will be celebrated on the Reading Champions celebration page, where a winner will be chosen every Friday.


Don’t forget to log on to Bug club, My Maths, TTRockstar and Purple Mash for additional learning activities.


Have a wonderful day all and I will be back at 3 o’clock!

Have a great day! yes

Ms Begum