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Friday's Learning

Hi Year One!
Yet another week has gone by, how did you get on? Which learning did you enjoy the most today?
If you found anything a little difficult, what did you do about it? Reflect on your learning and your actions now.
Now, set yourself a target for next week, what do you need to improve and how? It could be about your handwriting; a letter you need to practise more or you are finding counting up in 10’s challenging or even need to revisit your phonics sounds. Write your target done on a piece of paper and let’s check again next week how you got on.
Finally, make sure you are sending your learning to your teachers on Seesaw and you have logins for other websites that you should be visiting too for your learning.
Music- Yumu
Reading- Bug Club
ICT- Purple Mash
I hope you all have a lovely restful weekend and we’ll see you back on Monday. Take Care,
Ms Jawaher
Good Morning! 
It’s Friday! What an amazing week we have had with you sending your learning to your teachers regularly on Seesaw. The weather has really been odd, with some sunshine and lots of rain, but that does not bring our enthusiasm down. We are still eager to learn and always show what excellent role models we are. Isn’t that correct Year 1? OFCOURSE IT IS!
This week you have been reading our core text Jabuti and the tortoise and have created superb story maps showing the 6 key events that happened in the story. Then you retold the story using writing features you have been learning in year 1. For example,
-Story openers -Time conjunctions -Adjectives
Today you are going to rewrite the story, BUT with no adult help! This is the time for you to shine and show us you BESTEST writing. Always checking back on your handwriting (ascenders and descenders) and that your sentence makes grammatical sense I.e. not missing or jumbled words.
Your teacher would like to read your stories on Seesaw if you are not in school. What more to learn? Maths!
What a wonderful week to learn about money. You have been recognising coins, finding totals and even comparing different amounts. However, today you need to get your mathematician’s hat on as you need to find out how many ways you can make one amount. Always remember you can only use British coins; therefore, should we see a 3p or a 7p in your sums? Absolutely NOT, we can make 3p using 2p and 1p, we can make 7p using 5p and 2p, but 3p and 7p are NOT coins.
Are you in the race to be a Reading Champion? Get ready to write a review about the books you’ve read or are going to read today and send them to your teachers on Seesaw.
Remember to read at-least one book every day on Big Club because Reading is the exercise for the brain.
I’ll leave you for now and please email us if you need help! Bye for now and have a good day!
Ms Jawaher