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Friday's Learning

Hi Year One! It’s Miss Hagger again 😊  

It’s now officially the weekend! YAY!  

How did you get on? I hope the learning was the right level of challenge for you all.  

You have all worked so hard this week, I’m super proud of you all. Your challenge this weekend is to make sure, if you’re not already, that you are signed up to SeeSaw. It’s really important that teachers can see what you’ve been up to. And it means you can get in touch with us easily, so we can help you 😊  

I hope you all have a lovely restful weekend and we’ll see you back on Monday.  

Lots of love,  

Miss Hagger x 







Hello Year One! heart


We made it to Friday! What a fab Friday feeling.  

It’s Miss Hagger today, and it’s my turn to say hello to you all. I wish I could be saying a real hello and giving you all a hug in the playground. I miss being with you all and having the most fun EVER.  

My week has been a bit busy since we’ve come back to school, but I’ve tried to find time to relax and think about how this lockdown has impacted on me. I can think of good and bad things. I’ve loved being able to be at home and talk to my friends and family more often but I have found it really hard not being able to see them. I know that when we look back at this, it will be memorable for us all in one way or another.  

I hope you’ve enjoyed the learning that’s been set this week. It’s been a bit strange for us teachers as we’ve been back in school with some of you. It has been so lovely to be back with some of the children, but it still makes me miss the rest of my class. I know E Kalter class doesn’t feel right until all 27 of us are back in the room together. I know all the other teachers have felt exactly the same, and we’ve all mentioned how much we’re missing our classes.  But it’s important to focus on the positive, and I know there are so many positives right now.  

One of the HUGE positives that puts a smile on my face every day, is that it’s so lovely to see so many of you continue to persevere with your learning. Today, the challenges don’t stop and I’d love it if you could keep that energy up for one more day! Hopefully we can work through our learning today and then the sun might come out for us on the weekend!  

I’d love it if you could start your day off with Joe Wicks – it’s Friday today meaning he will be in a silly fancy dress outfit. I wonder if I could do the exercises in my grape costume… what do you think? (I think I might pop a few balloons when it comes to doing press ups!) 


You have a really cool writing activity today which involves lots of COLOUR! Obviously you need to get all the necessary information in there, but we would love for you to be creative as possible.  

Your maths activity for today looks super cool! We’ve done loads of number work this week, making sure we know where numbers are. This is called place value and is super important! 

You also have some ICT work to do today (which I’m a little bit jealous of – I might even have a go myself…).  

We hope you enjoy learning today. Make sure your learning space is quiet and comfortable (which means turning off the TV), and when you’re ready you can click the folders below to start.  

I will back at 3pm to check in on you all. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the learning come in on SeeSaw from E Kalter class and I know the other teachers are super excited to see their classes too! 

Best of luck superstars! Forever proud of all of you.  

heart Miss Hagger heart