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Friday's Learning

Good Afternoon Year 1, It's Ms Jawaher again!

How was your day? Did you spend some time outside? We hope the learning wasn't too tricky today, I know you’re all working so hard!
Thank you for sending your learning to your teachers on seesaw. I was amazed to see you use fabulous adjectives in your writing to describe the setting. I can see how a lot of you are improving your descenders letters, so give yourselves pat on the shoulder.
Well done for remembering that parts make up a whole, therefore when you add the parts together, they should be equal to a whole. When comparing numbers, it is important we can recognise how many tens or ones are in them, always remember ten ones are equal to one ten.
Thank you for sharing what you are doing while we are so far away!
Congratulations to the Reading Champions of the week! Who would it be next week?
Remember, you do not have to print the Reading review template for your review, try and create your own using the prompts on the template; then, ask your adult to take a picture and share on Seesaw. It is just that simple!
Have a nice early night and a good rest over the weekend, ready for Monday.
Ms Jawaher

Good morning Year 1,
It is Friday and it’s nearly the end of the week.
You’ll begin your day with writing descriptive sentences about where Jabuti lives. Make sure you use interesting adjectives that will blow your readers away. Don’t be shy from using a thesaurus to help you find adjectives to include in your writing.
Remember to use your neatest handwriting (ascenders and descenders) when writing your sentences and send your writing to your teachers on Seesaw.
We know you all enjoy counting and are brilliant at comparing numbers. So, let’s see how you can use different strategies you have learned this year such as part-whole model and partitioning to compare different numbers. You don’t have to solve problems in your head and use concrete objects or pictures to help you.
Are you in the race to be a Reading Champion? Get your magic pencils ready to write a review about the books you’ve read or are going to read today and send them to your teachers on Seesaw.
Remember to read at-least one book every day on Bug Club because reading is the exercise to the brain.
I’ll leave you for now and please email us if you need help! Bye and have a good day!

Ms Jawaher