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Friday 27th March

Friday 27th March 2020

LO: To edit my writing. 


Today you will need to edit your writing. Use a different colour when editing your writing. Why not get somebody to help you. 


Remember :


A- Add some extra detail , maybe a new sentence or an extra paragraph to make it more interesting.


B- Better - make your writing better. Change some of the simple vocabulary , include an adverb, use a similie. 


C- Check - Check that capital letters and fullstops are in the correct place.Check that your spelling is acurate and make sure that you have included your writing targets that your teachers have given you. 



Can you include any suffixes into your writing? REMEMBER to say your sentence out loud to make sure it makes sense. Here's an example of how I have used suffixes in my writing: 


Jack thought to himself how wonderful it was that a magical beanstalk had grown outside his window. He quickly climbed up the beanstalk and gazed in amazement at what he found at the top! 


Use the link below to pick some suffixes to include in your story: 

Suffixes I could use...

YOU are the author of this story so once you have edited your writing, why don't you include some illustrations? We know how creative and imaginative you all are! 


Once you are finished, why don't you have a story time with your family at home? You can read your story (don't forget your story telling voice!) and show your illustrations to your family. Someone could even record you.


We can't WAIT to read your fantastic stories! Take some pictures and email the final products to Miss Shermin so that we can celebrate our wonderful learning. smiley