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Friday 3rd April

Hello again Year 3!


WELL DONE children and adults! You’ve made it! You have just completed 2 weeks of amazing home learning! Thank you for the massive effort, brilliant engagement and positive attitude towards learning, considering the circumstances.


I hope you had a great day and enjoyed today’s learning and activities. Which task did you enjoy most? Did you find anything challenging? How was your Reading comprehension today? Hopefully, you used the strategies I reminded you of in the morning and you got all the answers correct.

The answers for the Reading comprehension, SPaG and Maths are now available so go and check how you got on!


We cannot wait to read your beautifully presented diary entries in a role as a Roman slave. Have you used your best joined handwriting and included all diary entry features on the checklist? Let’s see who is going to be first! Perhaps someone from Violet class or maybe Ms Ajmal’s class?

Don’t forget to take photos of your fantastic learning and send it to us at: .


What are you planning to do this weekend? Make sure you take some time out for yourself and do the activities you really enjoy. Perhaps, you will discover some new hobbies!


Wishing you all the best for a restful, safe and well-deserved Easter break.


Look after each other and stay safe!

Mrs Stanciu ( VIOLET Class)



There will still be fun learning activities and whole school projects to complete over the next 2 weeks which you can see by clicking on the Easter resources link on the Home Learning page.


We will be back with our daily messages and Summer term learning on Monday 20th April!

Good morning and Happy Friday Year 3 children!!!


I hope you and your family are keeping yourselves safe and are spending great time together.


All Year 3 teachers would like to say how PROUD we are of all of you (both children and adults) ,you have completed week 2 home learning successfully. You’ve all done a brilliant job during this challenging time.


Did you all joined in with clapping for the NHS last night? They deserve all the support they can get and we need to show our appreciation for all health staff at this unprecedented time.


How have you been getting on with your home learning this week? For today, remember to follow the time table and complete all of the learning and tasks in your homework books.


It’s nearly time to begin our PE lesson with Joe Wicks! How exciting!!! I hope you are all wearing your amazing fancy dress. Your teachers would love see what you dressed up as so please take photos and send it to


For Reading, you will need to read another comic book and complete reading comprehension questions. ( ‘Numskulls’-The little guys that live in your head! Everybody has them!) Remember to use the reading strategies we have taught you at school to answer to all questions correctly. Underline the questions keywords to help you find the correct evidence in the text. Also, remember to identify any new vocabulary and try to find the definition.


For Writing, your task today is to rewrite your edited diary entry in a role as a Roman slave This is the final version of your diary entry so ensure that you are using your best joined handwriting and you are including all the improvements from yesterday. For today, I would like you to imagine that you Homework book is your ‘Writing Journey ‘ book . Can you remember all of the high expectations? Share some with someone from your family. Please share this final piece of writing with us so that we can add it to our ‘Celebrating Our Learning’ folder for everybody to see and be inspired by.


In Maths, you will learn how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. Remember to read the PowerPoint information before you start the worksheet as it provides you with the necessary knowledge and information so that you are able to complete the task successfully.


For SPaG, you will be learning about past progressive tense, also known as past continuous tense, which shows us that the action took place for an extended period of time in the past. Remember to watch the short presentation before you start the worksheet.


Finally, for Science lesson today, you are going to be learning about what a nutritional, balanced diet consists of. Please follow all the steps in the Science folder to complete your task for today.

Remember to take regular brain breaks during your learning to help you stay focused. Ask your family to join in as well. Can you remember all steps? You could be the teacher for today.


Please remember to carry out your learning by logging on to Bug Club, My Maths and TTRockstars. Your teachers are regularly monitoring your activity on all these websites. Also, ensure you are reading every day for at least 30 minutes.


I’ll check on you in the afternoon to see how you’re getting on with your learning.


Have a lovely, relaxing and safe day!

From Mrs Stanciu (VIOLET Class)