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Friday 27th March

Good Afternoon Year 3!


How was your learning today? I hope you had fun amid your learning tasks!

A very well done to you all for completing your work today. Did you manage to complete them all? Give yourselves a pat on your back and say “well done me!” Also, don’t forget to say a huge thank you to your adults at home, for ALL their support smiley


In your Writing today, did you use some personal pronouns (we, I, my, me)? Did you use time conjunctions (before, after, next) showing when things happened? I’m pretty confident you all used paragraphs to organise events in your Diary Writing.

And finally, did editing your own work make you smile to yourself and think ‘oh yes, I should have used this word here or, I should have started a new paragraph after this sentence or, I knew I needed this punctuation here?’


Thank you to all those who have sent in work to us – we teachers are so proud of you all learning at home. Do keep submitting more of your learning – the more the merrier laugh


Stay well and keep safe and have a lovely weekend. Stay indoors and be strong. remember to be ready at 9am on Monday to exercise with the Body Coach Joe!


Very best wishes to you all.


Mrs Choudhury

(Roxo Class)

Good Morning Year 3,


I hope you are all well and have enjoyed this week’s learning so far!


Today, there are more great lessons waiting for you. Please complete each task to the best of your ability and don’t forget to use capital letters and full stops in your writing! Keep your work neat and tidy and don’t forget to share your learning with us!


So, today you have Reading, Maths, Writing, SPaG, I.C.T., and of course P.E!

Remember to take regular breaks and perhaps do some stretching and breathing exercises to help re-energise your brain smiley.


If you have any questions or if you would like to share your learning on the school website, then please email us on and we will respond to your query as soon as we can.


Enjoy your learning and I’ll write to you all again at 3pm!


Mrs. Choudhury

(Roxo Class)