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The conclusion of the dispute between the animals and the humans, and all the seven classes of other living creatures, and the verdict of King Bersaf. 




Sages - a very wise person

oath - a formal statement that something is true

Incantations - special words that are spoken or sung to have a magic effect

philosopher -a person who thinks deeply about things

verdict -an official judgement made in court 

interjected - to interrupt what somebody is saying with your opinion or a remark

dwell - to live somewhere

celestial- of the sky or of heaven

slunk -to move somewhere very quietly and slowly, especially because you are ashamed or do not want to be seen

dejectedly - in an unhappy and disappointed way

tumult-a confused situation in which there is usually a lot of noise and excitement, often involving large numbers of people

paradoxically - in a way that seems strange, impossible or unlikely because it has two opposite features or contains two opposite ideas

  • Paradoxically, the less she ate, the fatter she got.

equilibrium -a state of balance, especially between different forces or influences

Read through the main points about the judgement and answer the questions at the end.

Think carefully, in your opinion, Did the King make the correct judgement? Explain Why/Why not.


Over the weekend, go back and skim read through previous chapters (Ari class look under files in teams). Make notes on the the arguments that the animals and humans both presented in court ( Chapter 4- last week).  Think about the daily videos that we have watched about animals ( you can find these on the daily learning pages) and all the other videos which have informed us about the great debate between animals and humans. Bring your notes to your writing lesson on Monday. Next week, we will be discussing whether Xenotransplantation should be legal. 


In writing today, you will be editing your writing.  When you are editing, look to improve the vocabulary and sentence structures. 

Easy Bhangra Dance Tutorial || Two Step COMBO on Multiple Songs

An easy 2 step beginner Bhangra step combo that you can try in the comfort of your own home. I have broken these steps down into upper and lower body movements in an easy and follow-along format. Just find a comfortable space and follow the counts with me. Practice as many times as you need to, before trying each step out with music.

By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to use these steps on any song of your choice.

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