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For writing today, you will be writing the 1st argument ‘For’ of the discussion text. Follow the plan but you must include some discussion phrases for effect.
Refer to the plan and use the vocabulary you selected for the 1st argument “for”. Write the paragraph. Use the vocabulary and discussion words or phrases. Ensure you are crossing out, highlighting or ticking off what is on the plan.

How to calculate volume in cubes and cuboids. Year 6 objective.

In this video I demonstrate how to calculate the volume using the width x length x height formula. I also discuss the properties of cubes and cuboids. At the...

What does the Law say about Animal Rights?

Throughout this unit you have been learning about the role of animals in our lives and in a more global context. Did you know that some animal rights are protected by law?

In 1996, the law changed so cosmetics companies had now have to write on their labels if a cosmetic product has been tested on animals. Do you think that more should be done?

Masterclass on Bhangra and street fusion | Physical Education - Street Dance Masterclass

First revise the moves from the last lesson. Practise the dhamaal, bedi and punjab step.
Then follow this masterclass. Which steps can you identify?
Challenge -Keep on practising the moves until you can complete the lesson without looking at the screen!!!

In this scene, Ka'as and the Dragon have presented their  final arguments before the court.


Questions to consider


Why  have the Dragon's arguments make humans feel ashamed?


The chapter ends with this final argument from Dragon. The author says, 'The whole assembly of humans were ashamed on that day. They were laid low, their cheecks burned and their heads hung down, all because the animals had triumphed.'


What do you think the King's judgement will be? Will the King say that humans can rule over the animals? Why/Why not?