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For reading, please ensure you have finished answering and marking the questions with your teacher on Teams. Once you have finished, please log on to Bugclub and carry out independent reading, carrying out comprehension questions that your teachers can monitor. When answering questions, it is important you are referring back to the text in your answers and checking that your answers make sense.


LO: To use my best handwriting to publish my diary entry. 

Today you will publish your diary entry in your best handwriting. Please ensure you are spelling your words correctly, joining your handwriting and checking your writing is making sense. Remember to then upload your diary entry on Seesaw for your teacher to check. 



LO: To consider who and what influenced/inspired Pandurang

1)Look at the PowerPoint ‘What made Pandurang the person he was ’. Think about and explain the following questions:


Who was Pandurang?

What was Pandurang’s early life like?

What happened to Pandurang that caused him to start teaching people about God?

What did Pandurang do and what did he teach people about God?

Who influenced or inspired Pandurang?


2) Using the worksheet, write down the characteristics that would have lead people to say Dadaji (Pandurang) was a great Hindu or an inspirational person.


3) Use the Venn diagram to show what characteristics St. Francis and Pandurang (also known as Dadaji) shared.


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