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For reading, please ensure you have finished answering and marking the questions with your teacher on Teams. Once you have finished, please log on to Bugclub and carry out independent reading, carrying out comprehension questions that your teachers can monitor. When answering questions, it is important you are referring back to the text in your answers and checking that your answers make sense.


LO: To improve my work by using the best vocabulary and sentence structures I know.   

Using the success criteria, edit your diary entry. It is important you are using simple punctuation such as . ? ! , ` and capital letters correctly, as well as using a dictionary to help you spell words correctly. Please ensure you are also using a variety of fronted adverbials (Year 4 aim) correctly to make your writing flow better. 



LO: To consider who influenced/inspired the life of St Francis.

1. Look at the story of St Francis PPT.

Who was St Francis?

How did St Francis change? 

How did he stay the same? 


2. Read and retell (see PPT) the story of Jesus feeding five thousand people with five loaves and two fishes.

Talk about what it tells us about Jesus? What sort of person was Jesus and how might Jesus have inspired people to follow him?


Discuss how Jesus inspired St Francis and why both St Francis and Jesus are inspirations to millions of Christians today? 


3. Read St Francis Canticle of the Sun Poem (see last few pages of St Francis story PPT). Based on this poem, choose your own topic and write a poem.

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