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For reading, please ensure you have finished answering and marking the questions with your teacher on Teams. Once you have finished, please log on to Bugclub and carry out independent reading, carrying out comprehension questions that your teachers can monitor. When answering questions, it is important you are referring back to the text in your answers and checking that your answers make sense.


LO: To consider who influences/inspires my life. 

1) Think about and explain the following questions:

What does inspiration mean? 

What inspires you?

Who is inspirational? 


2) Read (or show video) the story of Muhammad and the crying Camel. 

After understanding the story. Discuss and identify what sort of person Muhammad was? 

Identify and describe the qualities he has that inspire people today. (See Person I am Crying Camel Story sheet). 


3) Pick 3 different people or groups who influence/inspire your lives e.g. parents, brothers/sisters, friends, clubs and write about why they are your inspiration. e.g.  “I admire/look up to... because...  "

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