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Today you will be writing the 1st argument of the main body (second paragraph). Here, you will highlight the most important reason an evacuating child should be taken in by people - for their protection and safety. You must use powerful, emotive language to sway the listener (the person you are delivering your speech to) so that they agree with you. To help you, a pdf PowerPoint has been uploaded to guide you on the use of emotive language. In addition, an example model of the 1st argument has been uploaded to support you.

LO   Lesson 7 (Writing) 

To show writer’s knowledge to interest the reader by using emotive language. 

Success Criteria 


I can use powerful adjectives 



I can use the rule of three 



I can use alliteration 


Ms Blunden's Story Time - Goodnight Mister Tom, Chapter 16

Read the chaper and complete the activities.
Mark them (see end of page) then correct any mistakes you may have made.

Daily Reading (30 mins)