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LO: To plan an Explanation Text. 


SC:  I can recap on knowledge of structural and language features of an explanation text.  


Today we will be starting a new explanation text. For the next few lessons, we will be writing an explanation text on: 

'How did humans travel during the bronze age?'


Read the following information to help you brainstorm some facts that you can write about:


To help you, we have also written an example of what it could look like. This has been attached for you. 


Today, you will plan your explanation text. Your plan should be used over the next few days when you are writing. We have attached a planning template to help you write down your ideas and structure your facts into paragraphs. 



Today we will be looking at how to solve word problems involving multiplication. 

Read the following powerpoint and answer the worksheet. The answers are on the powerpoint. 



Read a book on Bugclub. Remember to complete a book review. 



Today you will be looking at the different ways information can be laid out on a page. You will look at a range of page layouts such as letters and newspapers and begin to think about the purposes of each of these. 


Learning objectives: 

To consider how different layouts can suit different purposes 

  • I can identify different layouts 

  • I can match a layout to a purpose 

  • I can choose a suitable layout for a given purpose 


Read the powerpoint attached.

Task: Complete the activity sheet attached. Match the page layouts to its purpose.