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LO: To effectively use the skills of planning.


SC:  I can recap on knowledge of structural and language features of a non-chronological report. 


I can use knowledge of language and structural features to help me write a non-chronological report.


Recap the structural and language features of a non-chronological report. You will continue from yesterday’s learning and identify the mistakes and then re-structure the non-chronological report correctly. 


Remember to write out the  title, sub-headings, factual information, pictures correctly.


Key Vocabulary:

title, introductory paragraph, headings, sub-headings, past, 3rd person, facts, pictures, technical vocabulary, bullet points, fact boxes, question, conclusion 



You will continue and finish your learning from yesterday.

For today’s lesson you will focus on why do Hindus have divas for Diwali and why do Sikhs celebrate Diwali.


By the end of today’s lesson you should be able to say happens during Diwali, retell two stories linked to Diwali, explain the meaning of Diwali and finally know the similarities and differences between Diwali celebrated by Sikhs and by Hindi people.


You can also follow the link below from National Oak Academy to learn about the festival Diwali. In this lesson with Miss Hughes, you will listen to the Diwali story and identify some of the ways that the festival is remembered and celebrated today.


To understand why some people celebrate Diwali.