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LO: To be able to review and edit work to make it better.


SC: I edit my own work and make my sentences better.


Your task today is to re-read your work and then edit your work. Look at the PowerPoints to support you identify how to proofread and edit your work.


Key Vocabulary:

character description, storyboard, similes, expanded noun phrase, list of 3, conjunctions

LO: To be able to review and edit work to make it better.




This is the first of four lessons on the bar model. To begin this lesson, you will start with the ‘In Focus’ task.


How can you come to the correct answer using cubes? Can the process be represented using the squares in your exercise books/journals. Could 5 cubes be 5 squares and 3 cubes which represented 3 pencils be represented on paper with 3 squares? You do not always have to use one square to represent each unit. Try drawing a bar model to represent the problem. You can use the previous bar model as a reference.


During Guided Practice, you are solving problems with the help of bar models.


Follow the link to access online teaching tools to support your learning.

For RE this term you will be looking at the significance of light in religions. Today’s focus is why light is special and by the end you should be able to explain that light has special religious meaning and that the light is used in different religions.


You will find your task on slide 15 and 16.